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The UK has been facing a considerably large decrease in the overall usage of energy. Even with the steady rise in households utilizing energy, business energy is going rapidly down. With most individuals staying home more than before the overall energy use is still less than that of the commercial sector. Warmer weather has also been exhibited for longer intervals than usual showing a decrease in heating bills.

Data scientists have stated each household began to use at most 4% more energy than before while big industrial buildings and shopping centers have experienced a substantial drop. These statistics have shown the overall demand for energy in the UK has decreased to 9-13%. To promote the usage of energy levels, the industrial sector has kick-started its operations once more leading different suppliers to offer varied prices. Choose the best energy provider by comparing business energy rates online.

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Recently there have been inconsistent changes in the energy market. This has led to fluctuations in the prices of electricity and gas. Recently the wholesale costs for gas and electricity have fallen significantly driving up other costs. Businesses need to realize that their energy bills are made of many different costs. These also include wholesale, network, and policy costs. When doing an energy comparison, it is important to research and compare different rates online for an option that meets your requirements. Since last summer market spikes have been more controlled and costs have been decreasing in a more orderly way.


What is the cause for the change in the cost of energy?

Before we go into detail about the changes in your energy bills let's briefly discuss some factors that affect the prices.

  • Wholesale costs matter more than you think. These costs for gas have been considerably lower than the previous year.
  • Gas storage stocks have led to a decrease in prices since suppliers prefer to empty stock.
  • Russia and Ukraine agreed upon a deal to allow gas pipelines that flow into Europe to remain open.
  • Wholesale electricity costs have been 16% lower than the previous year.
  • Electricity network and policy costs are 13% higher for 2021 than they were for 2020.
  • The recent increase in distribution and transmission charges causes an increase in prices along with the costs of additional environmental policies.

 Business gas bills

Your gas energy bills have been facing a decrease in their rates because of the abundance of the resource. Liquefied natural gas has been kept in Asia to be imported later. The gas transit contract from Russia to Ukraine has also caused the constant inflow of gas into Europe further driving the costs of gas prices down.

Wholesale prices of gas witnessed a rise in the tension between Iran and the USA. Most of the LNG that travels to Europe and the UK passes through Qatar. Political unrest in Iran will immediately affect the wholesale costs of gas that is transported to the UK. This is why different energy companies near you need to be carefully evaluated. Those who purchase their resources in advance will face less risk in these kinds of situations.

Electricity energy bills 

Following the patterns of gas bills closely, electricity wholesale costs have lowered down to 16%. There were safety concerns in France regarding their nuclear plants that prevented the decrease as significantly as gas. The UK exports most of its electricity to France in peak periods which drives the prices for wholesale electricity up. While the costs of supplying electricity have been rising, they are rumored to only increase. The cost of distributing and transmitting electricity through the national grid is due to go up by 3%. Extra funds will then be allotted for the maintenance and expansion of the network. All of these subsidies are then paid through your energy bills. Business energy comparison is vital for the evaluation of total costs and spending on utilities. Businesses can manage their utility consumption and prices by comparing different business energy rates online and terminating contracts with suppliers who may be overcharging.

For businesses in the UK comparing gas and electric prices has been made more effective and convenient by different websites. Individuals can easily complete forms with the necessary details and find better deals and insights into the current market price and consumption levels.


Understanding energy trends and prices

UK energy market is quite complex but similar to other markets in the world. Suppliers compete with one another according to price and service. When setting prices suppliers will try to choose the optimal price that will cover their costs, while still making a profit. The difficulty lies in setting a price that will be affordable for customers as well. The current abundance of resources and the pressures of maintaining prices while keeping costs down has subsided. However, in such a competitive market the risk of losing customers to other providers is ever so present.

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