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Energy bills (including Business Energy Tariffs) are some of the most draining bills for businesses. According to a recent study, they are one of the top three biggest business expenses. You can get a fair idea about the bill charges if you visit any gas and electricity comparison sites in the UK.  Now would be a good time for business managers to take control of energy management within their business to ensure business energy is not something that you overspend on. One way they could start to do this is to compare business energy rates online.

When it comes to saving on energy bills, there are several paths you could take. In this article, we will be going over ways to save on business gas, and ways to reduce those business gas bills. Whether your business is a micro business or a large industrial business you will gas to be able to run your building. However, the consumption will differ depending on business size. That is why it is important to find a business gas supplier that's right for you.        

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Who is your energy supplier?

It is important to get the best business gas rates, comparing business gas suppliers enables you to do this. If possible, we always suggest you switch to a better business energy supplier and get price protection, flexible customer care policies, better technology, and most importantly, major cost savings. 

Find out who your energy supplier is here

Visit different websites or call in all your acquaintances to learn about the best business gas suppliers in your area. Most business gas suppliers have great payment plans with flexible payment modes and options. Make sure you do not give up on customer service and technology access to get better pricing because cheaper does not always mean better. A cheaper supplier that has terrible service and no price protection will be costly for you in the long run. Make sure you consider the supplier's credit rating and customers' opinions before looking at the price.

Take precautions against energy scams and carefully investigate your utility or your business energy supplier and never give up your personal information to anyone. Scammers may claim to be calling from the company, however legal and authentic companies do not under any circumstance ask for sensitive information.

If you are getting your energy deals through us make sure to contact our team straight away if suspect fraud. 

Moving on to the top tips to reduce business gas prices:

1. Combine Energy and Heating:

This method, now being adopted by various businesses all over the world is not only safer and more reliable but also saves you up to 30% on total costs. If you will be utilizing this method we would recommend you consult a professional company that offers this combined service. This will ensure you get advice on the best temperature settings or peak hours to help you reduce gas costs. You would also be able to get a company report that states your total energy usage along with hours, units, and other useful information that can play a vital role in reducing energy costs. This method allows for lesser wastage of resources and efficient business gas usage.

2. Install Smart Gas Meters:

Smart devices have been reducing energy usage and consequently, energy costs for many years now. They monitor, alert, and even take action, when necessary which is why they are an efficient and cost-effective partner for businesses.

Having said that, you must be wondering what is the difference between a traditional gas meter and a smart gas meter. Traditional gas meters give you a range of assessed average meter readings during a certain period. However, they offer no visibility in the consumption of business gas and leave you unable to compare business gas usage during different points in time on a certain parameter.

Smart Gas Meters are an energy metering solution that not only provides accurate readings of gas flow but also has a leak and shock detection system inbuilt. These systems serve to immediately cut off gas flow in case of emergencies such as a fire, earthquake, or gas leaks. This is not only important to save cash but also a very important safety feature. Another notable feature of the smart gas meters could be how they connect to neighboring LANs and WANs using wireless communication allowing auto-billing and infrastructure maintenance. All these factors combined save you a lot on your business gas bills.

3. Insulation:

According to independent research, business gas bills mostly result from utilizing it for heating. Improving space heat retention will drastically reduce business gas consumption and wastage. Proper insulation for most occupied rooms in office buildings cut the dependency on gas-powered heating devices and this one-time insulation investment cost could potentially save you thousands on business gas bills in the future. Since most old buildings are not constructed for energy efficiency, this is the next best solution.

As insulation regulates room temperature to make sure every corner is at equilibrium, it actively increases heat flow inside of the room and acts as a barrier to heat leaving the room at all times. There are many types of insulation available in the market and you will have to gauge your requirements and budget to find the type that suits you best.

Another insulation method is that of Air Sealing the office space. Reducing the airflow from in-between spaces in your office is also an effective way to bring down business gas bills. You need to fill in cracks and open spaces as the first measure (caulking) and then move towards sealing air from doors and windows (weatherstripping). Assess your ventilation needs and then hire a professional to do the job. Hiring professionals ensure that they take into account your requirements and maintain the level of indoor air quality you require.

4. Get Help!

Contrary to what a lot of businesses in the UK think, getting help from professional price comparison websites is not a waste of time or money. Why should you actively hunt out deals and suppliers when we can get you the best deals for your budget while you focus on your core business? Trust us, going solo with this is not a good idea. The energy market is pretty complex in the UK and so it is not easy, to navigate your way through it alone. Independent advice and rates presented to you by these websites are truly unmatched and it saves you time and money in the long run. So get going and compare business gas prices online through our website!

Well, we guess we have reached the end of our tips for cutting down on business gas bills. However, let us emphasize some further tips before we conclude the article:

  • Monitor your energy consumption: You must be efficient in the way you and your company consume natural gas. As previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, identify the best energy consumption pattern and follow it religiously.
  • Get Employees On-Board: Small acts of conservation go a long way in reducing your business gas bills and so never underestimate the impact of using gas heaters at a degree or two less than the usual temperature. Assess your business gas needs and make sure each employee also fully understands the individual responsibility of everyone contributing towards minimizing bills.
  • Conduct an Energy Audit: If it so happens that you are unable to monitor your use, get a professional company that possesses the tools and the expertise to do it for you. With their data analytics technology, they are even able to pinpoint business gas inefficiencies and wastage for you.

Well, there you have it, folks! Your very own detailed guide towards effective ways of reducing business gas bills. We hope you thought this was an informative read and enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed penning it down for you. So which method are you going to apply for your company first?

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