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Every business has its own unique energy consumption patterns. Identifying how to reduce your energy bills is imperative to moving a step closer to sustainability. Businesses that do not pay enough attention to sustainability are the ones usually struggling to make significant profits. No wonder, energy bills are one of the top three expenses a business typically incurs. Paying close attention to your consumption patterns and establishing metrics is crucial if you want to bring those bills down and do not want your balance sheet full of liability. Businesses that ignore and neglect to optimize their consumption patterns are often wiped off from the business map just like footsteps on a beach are washed out by waves. Therefore, having the best energy plan that is tailored for your exact needs is of paramount importance.

While a supplier that is cheap for someone else, might not necessarily be cheap for you. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. We understand that our prestigious customers are busy professionals and cannot afford to spend hours of research just to find the right price. Therefore we simplify your comparisons by keeping you updated with suppliers who are the right match for you.

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How (ONLINE ENERGY) can help you compare gas suppliers prices online?

Once you have decided that you are going to pay attention to your consumption patterns the last thing you want to do is incur huge switching costs to compare business energy; and other research costs associated with it; not to mention time, which is the most precious resource of all.

We at (ONLINE ENERGY), are in constant pursuit of providing our customers with the best service possible. By employing our services you get access to real-time quotes provided by legit and trustworthy service providers in the UK.

(ONLINE ENERGY) has established itself over the years and has a network of trusted service providers who offer to satisfy the unique needs of every type of business. It does not matter if you are looking to compare business electricity plans/ compare business gas plans or trying to switch business energy for your business, we have got you covered with the best solutions that are optimized exclusively for your needs. Our aim is to save time for our esteemed customers since switching to other service providers asks for hours of extensive research. Go Compare Business Energy on our website right now to save yourselves all the trouble

Can I switch Business Gas Companies?

Business gas remains the second most consumed energy resource throughout the world and even the first for many businesses that utilize it for industrial processes. So it is imperative that you make sure that your supplier is reliable and affordable. If you somehow find out that your current supplier is no longer affordable or has been overcharging you since the very first day, that is when switching becomes absolutely necessary to the survival of your company. Who would want to compromise on their earnings to pay a higher price for energy when you have perfectly affordable options present?

Now although switching to other gas companies seems like an easy, doable task, in reality, it takes up a lot of your time, effort, and money (more than you think). There are literally hundreds of privately held companies that are providing electricity and gas services out there. To sit down and take out the time to research all of them to find the perfect match can be a boring and mind-numbing task.

This is where we come in. With (ONLINE ENERGY) at your back; skys the limit. Our 100% online, customer-oriented business lets you browse through hundreds of energy service providers both, electricity and gas, in the UK that are listed on our website. All service providers listed on our website are trusted partners of (ONLINE ENERGY) so you can rule out the possibilities of a scam or unfair charges.

Not only this, we let you compare all energy providers at the time and place of your choosing. Enjoy the liberty to access our website on the go, from your office or while lounging on your sofa at home to find the perfect fit for your business needs. We have simplified the rigorous process of endless research and the struggle of visiting each office physically or calling every service provider in your area.

This process has been streamlined to make it more efficient for the end user that is You. Not only will it save you a lot of time but will also find the perfect match which wouldnot have been possible otherwise.

How do I switch my gas supplier?

Going online to compare business energy plans and prices through our website is as simple as 1, 2, 3..! Briefly mention details of your company in a 3- step process and we will filter out the best suppliers in your area for you.

We understand that you are concerned about your current bill and are looking to compare electricity and gas prices of different service providers in your area. Look no further!

At (ONLINE ENERGY) we make sure you do not have to leave our website to go search on google again. We are your one stop solution where we let you compare real time quotes and prices from legit and trusted energy contributors listed on our website with ease.

If you are worried about incurring huge amounts of switching costs, we have a way for you to avoid that. Go and compare business electricity and gas plans on our website today to lift that weight off of your shoulders. We have the best solutions for your business that are tailored exactly for your needs.

Is there a right time are to switch suppliers?

There is always a right time for something. So is the case when switching energy service providers to match your essential requirements while staying cost effective at the same time.

For example, you might have to wait a while to let your current contract expire so as to make the most out of it. In other scenarios, there is a possibility that energy service providers increase their prices before the start of a new season. So, basically there can be hundreds of instances where you may be faced with a challenge and require professional help.

This is exactly where we fit in the picture. We at (ONLINE ENERGY), ensure our website is live 24/7 and 365 days a year. Say goodbye to slow and unresponsive sites that take ages to load. We value your time and attention and strive hard to deliver quality leads that would not let you visit our website again, unless of course you relocate or move out of town.

Our Business Gas Partners:

Lets take a look at the gas companies in the UK listed on our website. These companies have established trust among their users and have dealt with integrity.

British Gas

Founded in just the last decade of the 20th century, British Gas is without any doubt one of the largest business energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. It is currently serving tens of thousands of businesses in the UK. Not only do they offer fixed price business gas and electricity plans but also render coverage under their yearly programs. Their services include

  • Business Gas Boiler Service
  • Business Gas Boiler Repair
  • Business Gas Boiler Maintenance

Here comes the best part; what if we told you, you could save upto £900 by switching online through (ONLINE ENERGY)?! You heard it right! We value people in distress and aspire to do so in the future.


EDF Energy is a 21st century company that has come a long way since its inception. Since its primary target market is centered around small & medium sized enterprises to large businesses, it offers exclusively tailored programs for businesses that match their requirements. Not only do they offer price plans for upto 4 years, they also provide short term plans for new businesses that are just getting started.

EDF Energy also serves the North American region so they have a global clientele under their belt; rendering them trustworthy and reliable.


This company is famous for its use of Smart Automated Meter (AMR) meters. They offer relaxation while switching at the end of your contract by not charging an additional fee.

Not only do they provide plans that are optimized for energy savings but also provide tailored plans to SME and large businesses.

Scottish Power

One of the most reliable suppliers of energy in the UK offers fixed price plans for electricity of upto 3 years. They have an app that lets you manage your energy consumption. Cool, innit? By offering energy efficiency tips and advice they have managed to build loyal a customer base. They accept a number of payment options which include BACS, cash and direct debit.

Scottish & Southern Energy Plc.

This particular company serves over 500,000 businesses in the UK. It would not be wrong to call them a key player in the industry. They have fixed price plans for 12, 24 & 36 month contracts for both electricity and gas. Not only do they provide flexibility to large consumers but have the largest renewable generator in the UK which renders them on number 5 on our list today.

Total Gas & Power

As the name signifies itself, Total Gas & Power offer both electricity & Gas. It is a large industrial scale provider of business energy in the UK. It is actually a subsidiary of French Oil Supermajor. This company is number six on our list today.

It offers 100% renewable electricity plans that are fairly priced. It also offers fixed-price contracts for up to five years exclusively designed for individuals looking for long term business energy providers.

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