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With the help of our services, you can obtain the absolute cheapest UK energy costs seamlessly. An excessive number of energy organizations tend to misguide and confuse clients with a lot of technical jargon and terms. At Online Energy Business, we like to keep things straightforward and believe in complete transparency. Our clients are able to save tons of money consistently so they can spend more on the things that truly matter.

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We understand that picking a suitable energy provider for businesses has gotten excessively complex. It tends to be too difficult for a layman to get right in the first go. Our organization aims at helping businesses navigate their way towards a feasible energy supplier according to their requirements.

When you choose as your comparison organization of choice, you do not have to visit our office or anything. We have ensured seamless energy quoting process that just takes ensures that you will never worry about not getting the right energy deal for your business.

Compare free quotes and switch to us

Our company website offers you the option to compare quotes easily online. We analyze and compare gas and power providers assisting you to locate the cheapest gas and electricity deals, change to a better arrangement, and cut the expense of your energy bills.

  • Compare energy suppliers in minutes and change your provider to save immensely on your energy bills.
  • We think about taxes from a wide scope of providers and give you the amount you could be able to save simply by switching over to the best arrangement, and we will deal with the rest.
  • You do not need to pay additionally. The extra margin is paid by providers, and this will not influence the cost of any provider you choose to join through our services.
  • The switch should take no longer than 17 days, and there will be no disturbance to your enterprise - gas, and power will be provided through similar lines and links.

Simply request a quote from us, we will prepare the business electricity and gas plans for you and you will get notifications when you get your prices. You can rest, confident that you will save a lot of money than before.


Why should I compare gas and electric prices?

Use our website to compare business energy quotes online you can have the following advantages:
Save money – It has been found that you can save a large amount of cash annually by changing your overpriced gas and power suppliers.
Discover better customer service – It is your right to have the best customer support as you are paying a high price for availing of the services. If your supplier is reluctant in this regard, switch that supplier with a more efficient one.
Be greener – You can prefer and opt green energy suppliers if you love eco-friendly environment.


Simple Comparison process

1. Enter Your Postcode

Enter your postcode to see least expensive energy bargains accessible in your general vicinity. Gas and power costs shift by district thus, by revealing to us where you are, we can look into which energy providers you have around you.

2. Let us locate the Best Deal

Let our team of onboard experts tap into their vast networks to find the best possible deal for your business. We will take into account each and every aspect of your business energy requirements to come up with an accurate best deal.

3. Switch Energy Supplier

Whenever you have picked an arrangement that you deem is feasible, we can begin your switch. We deal with all the difficult parts, for example, reaching your old providers and connecting you with your new one.

4. Save money on Energy Bills!

You only need to kick back and appreciate lower rates on your gas and power! It is a smart thought to run another quote more than once per year to ensure that you are not passing up other energy plans.


How to choose between various energy suppliers?

This relies upon what you are searching for in a provider so at last, it depends upon you to choose. A few things you should consider include:

  • Price: Cost might be the abrogating factor for you.
  • Levels of client satisfaction: Including what amount of time it requires for issues to be settled.
  • The environment: Do you need a provider that effectively utilizes renewables or reserves green plans? 
  • Account management:

    A few levies must be observed in specific matters. So, on the off chance that you have an inclination for on web or paper billing, at that point verify what is accessible.


What to look out for when comparing energy suppliers:

In the event that you have never changed ever before, it appears to be somewhat overwhelming. With many services from a variety of providers to browse from and the complex data to take into consideration, it very well may be enticing to simply leave it and stick with what you have.

In any case, it is much easier than you think! Here are a couple of key things to pay special attention to when you do begin looking at gas and power deals:


Levy Comparison Rate

Since everybody utilization is somewhat unique, it tends to be difficult to appropriately pass judgment on the expense of some random deal. OFGEM (the energy controller) recently made each provider show what is known as a Tariff Comparison Rate, or TCR, for each levy. This gives you an expected expense for each unit (per kWh, or kilowatt-hour) that incorporates any additional charges dependent on normal utilization so you can undoubtedly contrast one plan with another. The cost demonstrated by the TCR is not conclusive (as it will finally depend on your energy utilization) yet it will be uniform across various tariffs, making the contrast less complex.


Leave Fees

In case you are on a fixed rate arrangement, and you decide to leave it before the set term is up, it will be likely that you would have to pay the exit charges to the provider. The cost will differ from provider to provider. Remember this when you are contrasting costs – if your comparison of annual savings with another provider is £50, yet you are paying £60 to leave your present supplier, at that point it is most likely worth holding up until the end of the term.

In the event that you are on a variable rate tariff, at that point you will not need to pay leave charges. Furthermore, a few providers will offer to pay your leave expenses for you on the off chance that you change to them, so this is another thing to look out for.


Fuel Mix – Green Energy Suppliers

Environmental change is a major issue these days. Accordingly, a ton of clients are increasingly more enthusiastic about diminishing their carbon footprint, and settling on an energy provider who utilizes mostly sustainable fuel sources is the primary method to do this. A few providers, for example, Bulb, Co-employable Energy, and Ecotricity offer totally sustainable power.

Our site likewise has various assisting aides that provide all you require to think about gas and power. These energy aides will address every one of your inquiries regarding exchanging energy providers. They will likewise reveal to you how to get a good deal on gas and power in different manners, for example, making your home more energy proficient and utilizing various kinds of indoor regulators.

To guarantee you get the best gas and electric arrangements on offer just as an incentive for cash, it is critical to consider:

  • Cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh): Gas and power are both estimated in kWh and providers will charge you for each unit you use so consistently think about what this is.
  • Standing charges: Most (however not all) providers will incorporate a day by day standing charge, which is the total energy that is supplied to you regardless of how much you utilize from it. Standing charges vary by the supplier so it is critical to check what it is. You may find that suppliers offering exceptionally cheap power and gas rates per kilowatt-hour really have a significant high standing cost – pushing the general cost.
  • Membership fees: A few gas and electric providers offer extremely cheap gas and power costs however charge a month to month joining expense on top, so it is essential to consider this expense.

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