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Business gas and electricity

While overlooking a business, be it small or big you realize over the time that most of your expenditure is spent on electricity. Electricity is one of the most important energy resources these days. From simple home lights to huge machines in the factories, all of these are run on electricity.

In this time and age the prices of electricity have spiked up immensely and it has become very costly. For most companies, a large portion of their business capital is spent on electricity Electricity is needed for lighting, cooling, and heating the office, it is also used for printing and running other machines e.g coffee machines, and computers.

In most businesses, whether it is a small shop or a whole building, you will notice that the expenses spent on business electricity are more than any of your other overhead expenses. Business electricity cannot be similar to domestic electricity, no matter how large or small your business is, the business electricity tariffs would differ and you will always end up paying differently than the domestic rate.

Most large businesses are charged on half-hourly bases and some businesses have multiple meters set up so that they can get accurate readings. This is also done so that the business owners can get better business electricity tariffs.

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Business Gas

While running a business you realize that even though most of the cost is spent on electricity there is still a handsome amount of costs that are spent on business gas or commercial gas. Business gas is used for space heating, cooling, and heating of water, and if you are running a restaurant than it would also be used for cooking and be one of the most important resources in your businesses. Hence, you must make sure that your business gas suppliers are trusted and they are bringing you the best deals available

Difference between business and domestic energy

While comparing business market energy tariffs and comparing the market of business gas and electricity we discovered that there are a lot of differences in the energy suppliers in London. One of the most important differences is that domestic energy consumers can shift from one supplier to another easily but business gas and electricity suppliers cannot shift to another consumer easily.

Another major difference is that domestic consumers can easily compare market energy tariffs and select the one which is more suitable to them, but business energy consumers can not just compare the market energy tariff and select from there. Business energy suppliers have to meet and compare the market of business gas and electricity. It becomes easier if you use a business online electricity and gas quote.


Yes, for all these reasons and so much more, as a business owner, you should always choose an energy supplier that brings you the most affordable energy tariffs compared to the market of energy tariffs. The supplier that you choose should be a trusted one and quick in bringing you the best deals out there. Luckily you have come to the right place and chosen Online Energy. We will do all the work for you e.g compare the energy market tariffs, compare the market for business gas and electricity, compare business electricity suppliers online, etc.

Business Energy Comparison

Different business energy suppliers have different contracts and different deals and electricity tariffs. For example, If there are 100 business gas and electricity suppliers, then you would probably have 120-150 or more deals in front of you. All of these deals presented in front of you can be good, mediocre, or bad, depending on the business electricity supplier. Some of these suppliers will also be planning to scam you and the deals that would be provided to you would be attractive at first but there would be clauses in the contract due to which they could easily increase your business electricity rates.

Business gas and electricity comparison is very important and you have to do in-depth research to save costs in the long run. In a typical scenario, for in-depth research, you will have to visit every facility yourself so that you can get a proper idea. At first, you would search the business electricity suppliers near your area and then shortlist the ones which you think are better than the others. After that, you will visit all the business electricity suppliers hence using up your time and it will also get costly. Then even after visiting all the facilities, you will have to sit down, take a day or two, and compare the market energy tariffs of all the business gas and electricity suppliers that you visited, and then finally decide on a specific business energy supplier after a lot of hard work. Thus, we offer a much easier and affordable alternative we provide comparisons in order to get you the best possible pricing and to get you the best possible deal out there!

Different types of business energy tariffs available

Business tariffs are designed to fit the need and budget of the businesses requirements and needs. No matter how similar two businesses are, they can never have similar business gas and electricity needs, So, business gas and electricity tariffs introduced for every business are different. The different types of business electricity tariffs that are introduced are fixed-rate tariffs, deemed rate tariffs, roll-over contracts, 28-day contracts, and a yearlong contract. No matter which tariff you use, it is safe to say that you can save up money by switching your business electricity supplier to one that offers you a better deal. By switching online to Online energy business you can not only save a lot of time and cost but by comparing business electricity and gas suppliers online you will see for yourself that you have made the best decision for your business.

Costs that add up your electricity and gas bill

Knowing what makes your business electricity gas bill is crucial while comparing business the market of business gas and electricity. Some of the things that make up your business gas and electricity bill are metering cost, raw energy cost, cost of transportation, suppliers margin, etc. now this all is not mentioned as it is in your energy bill. Your energy bill typically includes:

  • Unit rate
  • Standing charge

These are the two main charges that make up your business electricity bill. Thus by understanding this, you can work out a definitive answer to how much you should be paying for your business gas and electricity bill.


Half hourly rate is usually used by large businesses and they do not want to be charged too much in their business electricity bill. The maximum demand is 100kW or more by the law in half-hourly business electricity rates.


Comparing different business gas and electricity suppliers can be time-consuming and costly. You will be taking your days off from the business and going to different facilities hence your work would be affected, a lot of time would be consumed and there would be a lot of cost for the resources that you have spent while comparing. And if you are a small business you cannot afford and spare the manpower for the extensive and in-depth comparison of different business electricity suppliers. Microbusiness electricity comparison and small business electricity comparison is a bit different. Microbusinesses would not be able to spare any man-power or cannot afford to waste any time, even though the tariffs provided for small and micro-businesses are not that different.


To save yourself from wasting all this time and money you should switch to online energy. When you will use Online Energy for your business electricity comparison and switching, the entire process will be seamless and will no longer be a headache. You will only have to follow 3 simple steps which are:

  • Writing your postcode.
  • Following a 3-step process.
  • Finally, you will be asked to enter some details about your energy and business requirements and the date when your current contract expires.

Just by following these simple steps, you will be able to compare and then easily switch from one business electricity supplier to another. You will not only end up saving unnecessary costs and will be able to switch to the best business gas and electricity supplier available but also be able to win the best business online energy quote. If you compare business electricity suppliers online you will be happy that you decided to choose Online Energy. Online Energy will also keep you updated about your current contracts and bring you different deals which are better than your current contract.

Expert Comparison Service Get Quotes now!

At Online Energy, our primary aim is to provide our customers with the best deals out there. With our years of expertise in this particular field, our team of experts utilizes our large networks of contacts in the industry to perform a thorough comparison, both on the micro and macro level. This is done to ensure that there are no hidden charges and that there is complete billing transparency. Our unwavering commitment towards delivering unparalleled quality ensures that our customers get nothing but the very best from using our services!

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