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As partners of various energy companies for several years now, we understand the increased number of challenges that businesses these days face. One of them is the surging cost of energy and thus, the growing expense of energy bills. According to an independent study, energy bills were the top 3 concerns for one-third of all the businesses across the United States and Europe. The case is no different for the UK either. According to sources, the average annual business energy bill (electricity and gas combined) is somewhere around 4000 pounds. That too, if you do not include research costs and switching costs (in case you are not satisfied with your supplier).

Yes, this average bill does not account for some other location factors and this number does not necessarily mean you will always fall in this category. Prices are dependent on region, location and credit rating as much as they are on consumption. But if you still feel like your energy bills are draining and consuming the biggest chunk of your revenue, it is a good idea to compare your business energy prices online. We understand that the complex nature of the energy market of the United Kingdom makes it very difficult to find the right supplier or the right deal in order to cut costs. Even comparison of business energy prices becomes a full time, tedious and draining task.

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Skip all the hassle and simply come to one site that takes away all your worries. Whether you would like to compare business electricity suppliers online or compare business gas prices online, you can count on us for reliable information. We, at ONLINE ENERGY take pride in the fact that we have been trusted for years by various small and large businesses in the UK and have successfully managed to help reduce their overhead costs and lower their energy consumptions.

Our website, designed by energy and business experts, lets you compare energy prices from trusted business electricity and business gas providers. We will navigate through the market for you to provide you with the best energy company in the UK according to your consumption and budget.

The Process:

Our process is pretty simple.

We require you to provide some basic details about your business and its business electricity or business gas requirementsin a 3-step process and then we require you to simply leave it to us to get you access to the best supplier in your area. We understand how hectic independent research and comparison can be and so we have made sure you wont be alone in this process. You can always benefit from our industry experts who are willing to help you compare business electricity suppliers and business gas suppliers and their rates online in order to get you the best deal possible.

Now our work does not simply end there. After we provide you access to the supplier which is the best fit for your company, we assist you to lock them intro a binding contract. Obviously, switching to a new supplier will cost you indirectly. (For those of you who are not familiar with the term, this is referred to as switching costs). Usually one might have to lay down some new wires or add some infrastructure that is compatible with the new supplier and might also have to pay installation costs. The overall switching cost alone is sometimes enough to be a deal breaker for many but we are here to provide you a solution for that as well. Our company offers a no-cost, easy switch to your new supplier, the process for which is done completely online. You will be kept in the loop regarding the progress of your switch and we will make sure that your business is not interrupted during the process.

Note: Be sure to end your contract with your current supplier before you move on the new one as sending in no notification regarding contract termination to your supplier can land you in serious trouble and you might even have to pay a higher price for their services on a rollover contract (something they can place upon no termination notification on the original contract).

Congratulations! Soon you will have switched to your new supplier and can finally begin to see lesser energy bills. Your contract details and all the dealings with your new supplier will be taken care of by us from here on out and you will be provided with a detailed report of everything that is going on with your contracts so that you can sit back and relax while staying up to date all the time.

Why go through all this and work with us in the first place?

Well we would like to answer this by simply highlighting one stat that summarizes all the reasons to work with us. In all our years of industry experience, our clients have saved upto 35% on all their energy bills after opting for our services as compared to working with the standard rates provided by their suppliers, which is actually a lot if translated into numbers and this percentage usually keeps on increasing with extended periods of time.

Another reason to trust us is that, with us, there are no hidden charges! The unit rates offered to you are calculated after incorporating our business fee and so rest assured, you will never be defrauded by our company and its policies, which are totally transparent and customer oriented.

Lastly, we as a business want to help you actually make an informed and cost-efficient decision which is why we have professionals that take you through every step of the process. They give you advice, do the research for you, help you compare business energy suppliers online and communicate with you to better understand your requirements in order to get you a super saver deal.

Looking forward to hearing from you, we can not wait to talk to you in person in order to solve your business energy bill problems!

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