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Businesses are always trying to find intuitive ways to drive down costs and streamline operations to be more efficient. These techniques are used to reduce overall wastage and make the business as functionally and effective as possible. If you are a small or large business owner, you will know firsthand how difficult it is to manage running costs and keeping them at their lowest levels. In order to keep operations running and hiring additional employees the lines between wastage and effectiveness can get easily blurred. This is why it is important for businesses to control the monthly usage of their utilities. Electricity bills can be managed by using new technology that is more energy-efficient, there are, however, fewer options when it comes to controlling gas bills.
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Fear not! We have come to your aid. For business owners who are always trying to save costs by shutting down computers and lights at the end of the day, we intend on highlighting the crucial opportunities for you to also save money on your gas bills. Businesses that rely heavily on central heating or machinery operation through gas must strive to secure the best business gas quotes, suppliers, and prices. Ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible by conducting gas comparison tests and pursuing different energy-saving deals that will aid your business in the long run.

Choosing the best gas and electricity tariffs for your business can be quite a strenuous job, but these simple changes can create remarkable savings from daily operations. Our researchers have carefully compiled a detailed list for businesses to follow so they can save money on their daily utilities.


Insulation is the most common and cheap way to cut down costs when it comes to gas consumption in business. According to the structure and type of building your business is located in individuals can decide to get the roof and walls insulated. This simple process will help retain any heat that already exists in the building and ease the strain on your business gas bills. For businesses that are already located in insulated buildings but are still facing extensive utility costs its best you check the quality of the insulation. Replacing insulation is a quick and easy fix to ensure you are not wasting any heat from your building. Small cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and electrical fittings are enough to cause substantial heat loss. Extra care can be given to these particular areas if a business is not able to partake in a complete insulation process.

Prevent any drafts from chasing away the heat in your building by draught-proofing gaps. Businesses that have been operational for a while and intend to continue using the same space for a long period in the future should definitely invest in insulating their buildings. This simple process can prevent heat from being lost during the day and drive down costs and amounts of energy used to keep the building warm.


In an attempt to drive down costs businesses often abandon a safe working environment for their employees. Working in a cold environment is sure to make everyone miserable. To prevent this opt for keeping your thermostat at a lower but still warmer level. Something is still better than nothing. The difference is also phenomenal because reducing your thermostat from even one degree can cut your heating bill by 10%. Pursue these small changes to keep your employees healthy and comfortable while still operating at a more effective standard. The basics of running a business include keeping your workforce happy, maintain overall satisfaction through different means.


Decreasing your thermostat temperature to save on your energy bills will only be of aid to some extent. Different areas in your place of operations will need to be heated to different extents. This is why heating the entire building to the same extent can be seen as a waste. Main areas such as offices and workspaces will definitely require consistent and comfortable heating throughout the day. However, spaces such as the storage and server rooms do not need to be heated to the same levels. Businesses can save on millions each year on their gas bills by keeping some rooms cooler than the rest. Simply adjust the valves on the radiators in these particular rooms and manage the amounts of gas that are being utilized for a more energy-saving business.


Let drive down costs even more and make rooms more functional. Purchase and use timers in a particular room that is being heated when they are not in use. This theory also applies to hot water heating. When these features are not being put into use they turn off automatically. Managing these manually can be very time-consuming and difficult especially if it is a large building. Use automatic timers to manage your heating and hot water supply. For individuals who wish to really drive down costs limiting the use of these utilities strictly to business hours is the best option. Just by enforcing these small changes, you will soon notice monumental changes in your energy bills.


Electricity smart meters are being used excessively by businesses to manage their consumption and output levels, this can also be done for your gas consumption. Many SMEs have started to install meters to monitor their gas and water consumption. By doing so they ensure they are only paying for the utilities that they use. These meters also aid in identifying the exact consumption levels so adjustments can be made if one utility is being excessive.


As we have previously stated to be mindful of gaps and cracks that will allow heat to escape the same premise can be used at the opposite end. For staff that might feel too hot and bothered in a hot building, they should turn the heating down instead of opening any windows and doors. By doing so you are regulating the temperature and preventing any wastage. Opening windows and doors will result in the heat escaping while it is being produced at higher levels.


There is a particular period of time through which businesses can request for utility services from their suppliers. Once the completion of one contract has begun businesses are automatically switched onto more expensive and costly tariffs that are commonly known as roller over rate. In these cases, it is best you change suppliers because complacency can set your business back in terms of managing costs. Individuals need to carefully manage their contracts and begin searching for a new business gas supplier once there are less than six months left in their current contract. To help businesses make the right decision they can compare different gas suppliers and gas prices on various online energy comparison websites. Easily find different utility providers and request for business gas quotes for a better understanding of their prices and energy-saving deals.

Current suppliers will remind their customers of their renewal dates and begin to commence different deals and offer regarding the future of your interaction. In this case, businesses need to conduct gas comparisons to make sure they are receiving a fair and opportune deal. Choose from a large variety of different business gas and energy suppliers to avail the best tariff for your business.

Gas and electricity tariffs are sold separately but can be arranged for at a cheaper price if you choose the same supplier or firm. Always guarantee the contact you are about to agree to has been vetted for, do as much research as you can before you finally commit. These commercial contracts do not have cooling-off periods and usually last for three to five years.

A few tips to keep in mind when pursuing new contracts are:

• The type of tariff you will be paying. This includes fixed, variable, or deemed.
• Check if rates differ according to the times of the day or according to different days of the week.
• How long the contract will last. These commonly last for five years.
• If there is an applicable exit fee if you choose to end the contract before its expiration.
• Availability of green energy options
• Discounts for purchasing with direct debit


Apart from making external changes businesses should also view all of their current operable machinery. Using outdated machinery can also weigh down on your costs. Using old methods of heating water and rooms can decrease efficiency as older equipment uses more resources to operate half as well as modern technology. Steps need to be taken by businesses to ensure they are not wasting time and resources by using outdated machinery, in today digital era, the equipment has been up updated to make them more cost-effective and energy saving. Drive down costs and utilize different online energy suppliers for a more efficient and profitable business.

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