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Ever wondered the peculiar effect of changing weather will cause massive overhead costs to your business? As uncanny as it seemed previously, it has now become an alarming situation for all sorts of businesses when it comes down to the crucial role of fluctuating weather.

As a result, business energy prices often fluctuate. Eventually, all businesses will require the need to forecast the changes brought along with the approaching weather and its after-effects.

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How is your business affected by any variations in the weather?

The direct impact of weather on business is through temperature change. The change in temperature affects the energy consumption of the businesses. In the UK due to the usage of energy, carbon emission is around 32%.

The inefficient process used to manage weather conditions causes huge energy inefficiencies. The level of energy usage of a business depends on various factors such as heat waves, lightning, and strong wind. Below are examples of temperatures that will affect your businesses energy consumption:

  • High Temperatures
  • Low Temperatures
  • Excessive Flooding or Rain
  • Ice and Snow
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Fire

Also, your business is affected by weather change in the following ways:

  • Variation in Energy Usage
  • Your Business Property
  • Your Employees
  • Your Customers
  • Sudden change in Product Demand

Note: It is important to plan the upcoming weather and the risks that it brings along with it. This will benefit your organization to better understand and forecast keeping in mind the businesses, their needs, and requirements. Planning ahead will also give you an insight into how to operate both effectively and efficiently, where you will be having a complete picture of how to cater to the weather ahead.

Gas Companies UK List

As of 2020, there are over 60 energy suppliers that are supplying gas and electricity for residential and commercial purposes in the UK. Each of these has distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes down to the company, its prices, and the tariffs.

Note: There may be a cheap supplier in the town, however, your primary concern should be focusing on additional factors including the cost and benefits of the particular supplier.

Business Energy Suppliers

There are currently a large number of suppliers that supply energy to businesses of all sizes. However, there are a variety of factors that distinguish them as compared to the other suppliers within a similar industry. Lets have a look at the UK best suppliers, for you to wisely make and decide upon a supplier that best suits you.

Comparing business gas suppliers

What is the Big Six?

Big Six is referred to as Britains top 6 companies that supply energy to over 50 million people across the United Kingdom. They are private energy suppliers that came into the formation during the 1990s and later following the Electricity Act which led to privatization of the energy sector.

Below is a list of Big Six along with their distinguishing features and advantages:

1. British Gas British Gas is owned by the parent company Centrica and is the largest supplier in the United Kingdom. It caters to a market of around 11 billion providing energy to both homes as well as businesses in Britain. Known as Scottish Gas in Scotland, it is being supported by its energy trading and energy storage services.
2. EDF Energy Along with being the largest supplier, EDF is also the largest producer of low-carbon electricity in the UK while catering to the domestic energy market too. This is where it supplies energy to nearly 5.5 million population including residential as well as business customers. In addition to this, EDF takes into account gas, nuclear, coal, and renewable generation of energy.
3. E.ON Being the primary market leader, E.ON was previously known as PowerGen which was later bought by the German company in 2002 that officially embraced the name in 2007. It serves over 26 million customers including electricity, gas, industrial and commercial supplies with the largest distribution services in the UK. E.ON distinguishes itself with its green credentials where they are currently working towards building offshore wind farms.
4. Npower With the primary aim of building ever-strong customer service, the company has evolved offering services to diverse networks. These include homes and businesses, whereby also offering gas and electricity as their core products. It is known to one of the UKs largest companies that are being backed up by the ever largest European company, the RWE group.
5. Scottish Power Owned by a Scottish parent company Iberdrola, Scottish Power caters to over 5 million electricity and gas customers while hiring a diverse workforce of around 24000 individuals worldwide. It distinguishes itself by being the largest electricity utility company by market capitalization.
6. SSE SSE is one of the biggest integrated gas and electricity suppliers operating in the UK. While serving over 10 million customers, SSE is an energy provider with over 50 years of phenomenal experience in the industry aiding in the extraction, generation, supply, distribution, and storage of gas and electricity.

Best gas prices for small business

When you are a small business owner, every penny matters. You want to save as much as you can to diversify your business and minimize your costs in the best way possible. Hence, it is important to consider the prices as well as other factors while considering a gas or electricity supplier.

Here are a few factors to look into when considering the best gas prices for small businesses:

1. Business Size
2. Business Location
3. Contract Length
4. Contract Tariff Type
5. Compare quotes to locate the best deal on gas prices

The good news is where you could switch gas suppliers if your current energy provider is not catering to your needs or is overly expensive. However, you need to look into the price variances for Microbusiness, Small business, and Medium business.

A micro business is the one that employs a staff of fewer than 10 employees, small businesses hire less than 50 employees while medium businesses have employees fewer than 250.

Here is how prices are divided in accordance with their sizes:

Compare business gas prices for business online

There are a variety of different tariffs that the businesses can choose from including Fixed-rate tariffs, Flexible or default tariffs, Eco-friendly tariffs, or Pass-through contracts.

Fixed-rate tariffs refer to a consistent price that your business will be following throughout the contract for a set unit of gas. This means even if there is a global increase in gas prices, it will not affect you and you will not have to pay an extra amount to cover it.

In contrast, a flexible tariff is comparatively expensive and with the energy market fluctuations, if the price of electricity or gas in the UK increases, it means your business will have to pay for it no matter what the cost is. Flexible tariffs often tend to advantage organizations where when they are monitoring gas trends, they have authority over the purchasing decisions as well.

Also, Eco-friendly tariffs are used where a company seeks to improve its carbon footprint and its environmental credentials. This tariff refers to a gas supply that will be generated through renewable energy sources. However, it will take time for the business to adapt since it is an emerging trend that will take some time to be introduced in the market.

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