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What is a smart meter? How does it help with energy bills?

A smart meter is a better way to start keeping on top of your business gas and electricity bills that probably seem to keep creeping up. This type of meter works by tracking your gas and electricity consumption and then sending this information to your supplier.

With this information you can be sure that that your supplier gets the most accurate update of your energy consumption. This not only makes sure that you don’t overpay on your energy bills but also ensures that you have the most accurate picture of your energy usage.   By having a smart meter installed can help you become more energy efficient in your business and reduce overhead costs.


How do smart meters work? Why your business should already have one

Smart meters work by transferring your energy data to your energy supplier through signals, like how a mobile phone works. This means your business data is completely secure when its being sent to suppliers. Your business could improve its energy strategy massively just by having a smart meter installed in your business. After installation you can access your half-hourly consumption data which will allow you to see to see where your consumption peaks throughout the day.

Once you have precise information about your energy usage your business can put in place an energy management strategy that will turn the data provided by a smart meter into practical energy management systems. This could help you improve your business and save your bottom line.


Smart meters and energy efficiency

By knowing how much energy your business uses, you can start to become more energy efficient. Having a smart meter allows you to track what times of the day you use the most energy which in turn will help you to reduce energy usage during these peak times.

Read our blog on energy efficiency to implement this into your business.     


How to get a smart meter?

To get a smart meter you will have to apply through your business energy supplier. Not all businesses are eligible for one, so first of speak to your supplier. Smart meter offerings may vary between suppliers not all suppliers will offer the same things.

If you are eligible then your supplier will arrange a time of day to come and install this. If your business is instore customer based it might be best to arrange this for an off-peak time.

You can then start taking control of your energy. After the installation is complete you can then show your staff how it works so the whole business can take responsibility for lowering consumption and costs.

Do you already have a smart meter but want to save more on your gas and electricity bills? Then why not compare energy deals with us today. Save up to 60% by switching with Online Energy today.       


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