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Compare Business Gas

Compare business gas prices from over 20+ trusted partners in less than 60 seconds

Second only to electricity, business gas is another one of the major contributors to the overall expenses and costs of any business. Irrespective of the size of the business, it is very likely that some consumption of gas takes place in the daily routine operations of the business that are vital to keeping it up and running. For instance, even your business does not entail any manufacturing, or is purely a service sector job, will still be incurring costs of business gas in activities such as transportation, temperature control systems in your offices, and plenty more!

Therefore mentioned reasons and a plethora of others, all make it so that it is impertinent for you to take great care in making important decisions about your business gas suppliers because these can have major strategic and operational implications.

Business Gas Comparison

Because of the crucial nature of any decisions relating to business gas, it will be wise if you undertake extensive research and conduct a thorough business gas comparison to ensure that the decision you are making will be in the best interests of your business.

However, it is no easy feat to undertake such an extensive and often times overwhelming process on your own. Moreover, more often than naught, this research to conduct business gas comparison can be heavy on your pockets, and an expense your business simply cannot afford.

When other businesses have found themselves in such situations, they have turned to us at Online Energy to make this process easier and much less costly for them. And that’s exactly what we can do for you too!

Our Process

 Compare Business Gas Prices Online

We begin the delivery of our services by helping you compare business gas prices online. We do this better than many others out there thanks to the network of trusted partners that we have established over the years.

 Switching over to better Business Gas Suppliers

Once you have found a business gas supplier that you believe can best serve your needs, it is not time to switch to the new supplier; a process that is entirely conducted online through our platforms and helps you avoid many of the costs that come with switching business gas suppliers.

 Online Energy helps you Save Costs

By helping you compare and choose the best gas and electricity companies in the UK for your exact needs, our goal is to make sure you can rest assured that the deal you have made for your company is the best one out there and you are saving heaps of costs.

Gas Companies UK List

1) British Gas

  • i) largest business energy supplier in the UK, currently serving almost a million businesses
  • ii) Offer fixed price business gas and electricity plans that provide coverage for 1, 2 & 3 years
  • iii) Offer an array of business gas boiler service, repair & maintenance contracts
  • iv) You can save up to ÂŁ900 on gas by switching online with the help of Online Energy

2) EDF Energy

  • i) Business gas and electricity plans for SMEs to large businesses that are tailored to their exact needs
  • ii) Fixed price plan for up to 4 years
  • iii) Also offer short term plans specifically designed for new businesses

3) Npower

  • i) Fixed price contracts
  • ii) Easy to switch at the end of your contract no surcharges and extra cost
  • iii) Help you save energy by providing energy efficient plans
  • iV) Provide tailored plans designed specifically for micro-businesses, SMEs, and large energy users
  • V) Use of Smart Automated Meter Read (AMR) meters

4) Scottish Power

  • i) fixed price plans for electricity that cover up to 3 years and fixed pricing plans for business gas that cover up to 2 years
  • ii) Your Energy App allows you to manage your energy use no matter where you are
  • iii) Offer energy efficiency tips and advice
  • iV) Make specifically designed products for large energy users
  • V) Accept a number of payment options including BACS, direct debit, and even cash

5) Scottish & Southern Energy plc

  • i) Business gas and electricity suppliers for about 500,000 UK businesses
  • ii) Fixed price 12, 24 & 36 month contracts for electricity and as well as business gas
  • iii) Provide flexible contracts for larger energy consumers
  • iV) Help your business achieve energy efficiency
  • V) The largest renewable energy generator in the UK

6) Total Gas and Power

  • i) Suppliers of both business gas and electricity
  • ii) Offers 100% renewable electricity plans
  • iii) Fixed price contracts for up to 5 years

7) Bulb

  • i) Offer 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas
  • ii) Do not require you to enter contracts
  • iii) Do not bind you through exit fees

8) Ovo Energy

  • i) Serves business and home customers
  • ii) A business plan is 33% renewable

Cheap gas for small business

Especially for small businesses and startups, it can be a very important decision to find a supplier that provides good quality products while also providing cheap gas for small businesses. That’s why we at Online Energy take it upon ourselves to find you the best industry suppliers of cheap gas for small businesses so that your company can not only survive but also grow and thrive in your industry!


Everything you need to know about Compare Business Gas.

For this simple process, you only have to provide your postcode; and follow a short 3-step process, where you’ll enter some details about your business gas consumption and business.

Our online business gas pricing engine will find the best business gas deals on the market to present to you.
Only information required is your postcode, the date your current gas contract ends, and a few other details about your business.
Yes! You can switch your business gas online, and also save time and money in the process.
On average, our clients save over 35% compared to their business gas suppliers deemed rates when they switch using our services.
The unit rates offered is inclusive of our fees, which remain the same for every business gas supplier.

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