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Welcome to Online Energy - the complete online Business Energy switching website

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Please be aware that as the suppliers do not operate during the weekends, prices are subject to daily market movement and may change.

Any contracts that are submitted to us over the weekend will be reviewed on Monday morning and confirmed with the supplier.


Everything you need to know about business energy.

We will still be able to give energy quotes providing you can give us an estimate of your monthly bill and tell us who your current provider is. Having a copy of your bill just means that we can provide more accurate quotes. If you would rather wait to know your exact monthly amount, you could have a look at your bank statement, contact your energy provider for a copy of your bill, or if you have an online account, log in to download a recent copy.
Simply enter your postcode, contract end date and some details about your business to start comparing business energy quotes online.
Our industry leading online process enables our customers to switch their business energy entirely online, saving time and money.
Typically, Online Energy customers can save over 35% compared to their energy suppliers deemed rates when they switch.
We have invested heavily in technology that will manage the transfer of every supply keeping the full switching service online. We manage this at every stage of the process
Our fee is included within the unit rates offered. Our fees are the same with every supplier which means you can relax knowing that you are choosing the lowest price and best supplier for your business.

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